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A series of essays all published separately by Allan Bloom, most prior to the Closing of the American Mind, dealing with the problems of liberal education in...
(See his discussion of Books II-VI of the Republic.) Allan Bloom says a philosopher is immune to irony because he can see the tragic as comic and comic as tragic. Bloom refers to Socrates, the philosopher par excellence, in his Interpretative Essay stating: "Socrates can go naked where others go clothed; he is not afraid of
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Im Vorwort zu Giants and Dwarfs, einem Sammelband seiner von 1960 bis 1990 veröffentlichten Essays, sagt Bloom, dass seine Erziehung mit Freud begann und mit Platon endete. Das Thema dieser Erziehung war Selbsterkenntnis, ein Ziel, das für einen Jugendlichen aus dem Mittleren Westen unvorstellbar schien, wie
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What does Allan Bloom mean when he says that the American mind is closing? His point is that, in the late twentieth century, students have difficulty grappling with complex ideas. Students are not being taught to ask hard questions about the concepts their culture cherishes and inculcates. The notion of equality, for example
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Essays. The Ladder of Love. – "The Ladder of Love," Plato's Symposium, trans. Seth Benardete, University of Chicago Press, 2001. First published in Love and Friendship, Simon and Schuster, 1993.
Giants and Dwarfs: Essays, 1960-1990 [Allan David Bloom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A volume of wide-ranging essays deals with contemporary politics, modern thinkers, and today's universities.
On the sixty-fifth anniversary of the late Allan Bloom's birth, a distinguished group of his former students honor the memory of this inspiring teacher. Political Philosophy and the Human Soul includes a previously unpublished essay on Isocrates by Bloom; a reminiscence by Werner J. Dannhauser; and essays on Homer, the

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